CMP turns Portuguese and French – at the same time!

The CMP has been helping translation of the Open Standards into a range of languages where the Open Standards are used around the world.

With the help of people like Gustavo Gatti, Lauriane Besse Streit, Tuugi (Tuguldur Enkhtsetseg) Munkchuluun,Juliana Tomasouw, Arisetiarso Soemodinoto, Anisa Budiayu, Rizya Ardiwijaya, Sutraman and Lisa Paix, the Open Standards themselves, and ancillary documents have been translated into six languages:

Version 3.0 of the Open Standards (Released April 2013) is currently available in the following languages:

Version 2.0 of the Open Standards (2007) is available in the following languages:

If you’d like to help spread the Open Standards into your language, reply to this post or e-mail