Nature Conservancy of Canada joins CMP

Interactive map of NCC’s Annual Report

Our 28th valued member, Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) has joined the ever-growing band of innovative organizations around the globe working to improve and standardize how conservation business is done.
For over 50 years, NCC has been conserving critical natural areas in Canada, forming partnerships and collaborations with others to help make their vision become reality.

As Charles Latrémouille, NCC’s Natural Area conservation planning manager says “we will share lessons learned and best practices with other organizations in areas such as climate change adaptation, selection of lands with the highest ecological value and improving the management of conservation projects and programs”.

CMP is excited to welcome NCC into our global community and looks forward to sharing how NCC goes about doing their critical conservation work. NCC has posted a blog to tell the story of their journey with the Open Standards and in joining CMP.