The Conservation Measures Partnership (CMP) is a joint venture of conservation organizations and collaborators that are committed to improving the practice of conservation. Member organizations and representatives include:

African Wildlife Foundation: Philip Muruthi, David Williams

Bush Heritage Australia: Annette Stewart, Kate Fitzherbert

Conservation International: Bailey Evans, Rachel Neugarten

CCNet: Brad Northrup

Disney’s Animals, Science, and Environment: Kari Van Nevel, Anne Savage

Forever Costa Rica: Zdenka Piskulich, Pamela Castillo

Foundations of Success: Janice Davis, Nick Salafsky, Caroline Stem

The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation: Paulina Arroyo, Richard Margoluis

International Crane Foundation:  Erica Cochrane, Rich Beilfuss

International Fund for Animal Welfare: Krisanne Connell

Jane Goodall Institute: Lilian Pintea, Tammy Palmer

Keith Campbell Foundation for the Environment: Samantha Campbell

The Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust: Lillian Cheng, Bob Cook

Margaret A. Cargill Foundation: Alan Holt

National Fish and Wildlife Foundation: Christina Kakoyannis

Nature Conservancy of Canada: Charles Latremouille, Heather Barna

Nature Serve: Patrick Crist

Rare: Courtney Cox

The Nature Conservancy: Dan Salzer, Sally Palmer

US Agency for International Development: Marco Flores, Cynthia Gill

US Fish and Wildlife Service: Matt Muir, Giselle Block

Walton Family Foundation: Cheri Recchia

Wildlife Conservation Network: JG Collomb

Wildlife Conservation Society: Jonathan Palmer, David Wilkie

WildTeam: Adam Barlow, Lucy Boddam-Whetham, Christina Greenwood Barlow

WWF UK: Will Beale

WWF US: John Morrison