Improving How Conservation Impact Is Measured

The Conservation Measures Partnership (CMP) is a partnership of conservation organizations that seek better ways to design, manage, and measure the impacts of their conservation actions. CMP members work together on issues related to impact assessment and accountability because collectively we have a greater chance of designing and implementing effective monitoring and evaluation systems and ultimately, enhancing program and project design and implementation. CMP strives to promote innovation in monitoring and evaluation of conservation efforts, serving as a catalyst within the conservation community.

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Coral reef - Pacific Harbor Fiji
Baobab2 - Kubu
Perito Moreno - Santa Cruz, Argentina

Recent News & Events

Second Global Adaptive Management Case Study Competition
Help others learn from your conservation work and improve their conservation efforts! And earn a travel award while you are at it! This competition seeks to collect and share cases studies to promote cross-organizational, cross-project, and cross-coach/practitioner learning about adaptive management…
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CMP turns Portuguese and French – at the same time!
The CMP has been helping translation of the Open Standards into a range of languages where the Open Standards are used around the world. With the help of people like Gustavo Gatti, Lauriane Besse Streit, Tuugi (Tuguldur Enkhtsetseg) Munkchuluun,Juliana Tomasouw, Arisetiarso…
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Tusk USA joins CMP
Since its founding in 1990, Tusk has taken an integrated approach to conservation, working hand in hand with local communities and combining the protection of wildlife with the management and sustainable use of natural resources. In doing this, Tusk’s projects…
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