Flamingo dance2 - NakuruCMP periodically hosts in-person members’ meetings to share experiences, challenges, and innovations and to advance ongoing and new work.


The meetings use a variety of avenues to encourage collaboration and ongoing innovation. These include:

Bright Spots – Participants share innovations and challenges from their organization in a plenary session, with an opportunity for detailed follow-up conversations.

Breakout Sessions for Potential/New and Existing Initiative Working Groups – Small group meetings to present new ideas and innovations as candidates to become ongoing CMP Initiatives or to advance current CMP Initiatives.

Plenary Showcase – Plenary sessions to share progress on implementing the Open Standards under different settings.

Meeting Notes and Materials

2019 (May): Shenandoah National Park (Virginia)

2017 (January): Yulee, FL (White Oak Conservation Center)

2014 (October): Washington, DC (WWF US)

2010 and 2011: Measures Summits