CMP seeks to involve like-minded organizations from around the world. To this end, CMP membership is made up exclusively of not-for-profit/non-government organizations NGOs, non-for-profit foundations, and donor organizations.

Current criteria for membership in CMP include the following (all must be met):

  • Conservation of biodiversity is the primary mission of the organization.
  • The organization directly implements or assists in the implementation of conservation actions and/or initiatives over a broad geographic range.
  • The organization has demonstrated interest in project M&E, auditing, or adaptive management through programs and/or analysis on these subjects.
  • The organization commits to open and shared learning with the other members of CMP.
  • An experienced and capable staff member of the organization has been designated by the organization’s senior management as representative to CMP. Each organization must also designate an alternate, or second representative, who is welcome to participate fully in CMP activities. (However, each member organization has only one vote in all CMP affairs.)
  • The organization commits to allocating resources such that it may host an event, allow regular and committed participation of a member, contribute to general costs of CMP, and other activities.

Read CMP’s Charter to understand full benefits and obligations of membership.

To request membership, please send a letter of inquiry to