CMP member organizations are listed below, along with their websites and contacts for each.

If you wish to contact CMP generally, please use the general email:

Member organizationContacts

African Wildlife Foundation

Philip Muruthi, David Williams

Bush Heritage Australia

Annette Stewart, Chantal Fowler, Bec Spindler


Terri Schulz

Disney’s Animals, Science, and Environment

Claire Martin

David and Lucile Packard Foundation

Meghan Chartres, Meredith Blair

Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust

Catherine Payne, Richard Young

Foundations of Success

Amanda Jorgensen, Nick Salafsky, Caroline Stem

The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation

Paulina Arroyo, Richard Margoluis.

International Crane Foundation

Erica Cochrane, Rich Beilfuss, Kerryn Morrison, Claire Relton

Jane Goodall Institute

Lilian Pintea, Tammy Palmer

Keith Campbell Foundation for the Environment

Samantha Campbell

Margaret A. Cargill Foundation

Alan Holt

National Fish and Wildlife Foundation

Christina Kakoyannis

NOAA’s Coral Reef Conservation Program
Susie Holst Rice, Jennifer Koss

Nature Conservancy of Canada

Charles Latrémouille, Heather Barna , Brenda Van Sleeuwen

Nature Serve

Pete Cutter Pat Comer

Puget Sound Partnership

Kari Stiles, Stephanie Suter

The Summit Foundation

Cheri Recchia, Alanna Waldman

The Nature Conservancy

Dan Salzer, Sally Palmer

US Agency for International Development

Elizabeth Daut, Cynthia Gill

US Fish and Wildlife Service

Matt Muir, Giselle Block

Walton Family Foundation

Martha Silver, Kara Stevens

Wildlife Conservation Network

JG Collomb

Wildlife Conservation Society

Diane Detoeuf, David Wilkie


Will Beale


John Morrison