The Conservation Measures Partnership

Summit 2010 Presentations

Here are the presentations given at the May 2010 Summit.

Overview Presentations

Overture – Nick Salafsky’s overview presentation (4.8 mb ppt)

Survey Results – Elizabeth O’Neill and Matt Muir’s presentation of survey results (2.6 mb ppt)

Bright Spot Presentations

AWF Presentation – Adam Henson (12 mb ppt)

Conservation  International Presentation – Hari Balasubramanian (12 mb ppt)

Moore MCI Presentation – Emily Goodwin (2 mb ppt)

USAID Presentation – Cynthia Gill (426kb ppt)

NFWF Presentation – Matt Birnbaum (1.7 mb ppt)

TNC Presentation – Peter Kareiva (271 kb ppt)

Rare Presentation – Dale Galvin (6.2 mb ppt)

WCS-MIIS-FOS Presentation – Karl Didier (3.7 mb ppt)

Miradi & ConPro Presentation – Information Systems for tracking and reporting on results-based management, Dan Salzer (3.4 mb pptx)

GEF Presentation – Mark Zimsky (2.6 mb ppt)

Other Presentations

Vision Presentation – Packard/Walton presentation about vision using Gulf as example (4.6 mb ppt)

Berwick Video – Rare’s interview with Donald Berwick (link to YouTube Video)

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