The Conservation Measures Partnership

Summit Initiatives

Editor’s Note: This page is still something of a work in progress.  The following initiative proposals should all be regarded as being in draft status and are posted here only for comments from Community of Practice members.

The following are the currently active initiatives in the Results Based Management Community of Practice emerging from the Summit.  Each Initiative has developed a draft plan that outlines the problem the Initiative is trying to address and the steps that we collectively are undertaking to solve this problem.

We encourage you to look though this entire suite of proposals and to join in on at least one of the ongoing initiatives by providing staff time, money, and/or other needed resources. You can contact the coordinator of each initiative to get more information or to contribute to ongoing Initiative activities.

We also encourage folks who have ideas for new initiatives that they would like to propose to send their ideas to

0. Overall RBM CoP Coordination

Although it is not technically an initiative, there is a need to get organizational commitments and financial resources for a) Coordination of the Overall Community of Practice, and b) Planning and Implementing the 2011 Effectiveness Measures Summit.  Coordinator: Sheila O’Connor. Revised proposal forthcoming.

1. Streamlining of Funding Applications and Reports

This one-year initiative will look at what funders and grantees are using for reporting proposed and actual results in application proposals and interim and final grant by the grantees and scaled-up reports by the funders. It will take these initial results and identify best practices and opportunities for streamlining in building common standards to the extent possible across collaborating funders and grantees. Coordinators: Samantha Campbell & Richard Margoluis. Click here for current proposal.

2. Building Capacity for RBM in Conservation

This initiative will focus on developing the capacity of individuals and organizations to deliver results based management as outlined in the Summit Consensus statement. The initiative will build on existing training networks within our organizations to do three kinds of capacity building: a) for Senior Leaders in our organizations, b) for Practitioners who implement projects and programs, and c) for Emerging Practitioners in universities. Coordinators: Will Crosse & Vinaya Swaminathan.  Click here for current proposal.

3. Cross Project Learning: Data Standards and IT Systems

This Initiative from the Summit has led to the following sub-initiatives which are all related to revising the CMP Open Standards and other cross-organizational standards and tools for sharing information to promote cross-project learning.

3a. Developing the Conservation Data Exchange (CEDEx) Standards

This sub-initiative focuses on developing the CEDEx Standards, which specify data facets and authority lists for key information needed to promote exchange of information about the effectiveness of conservation projects. Coordinator: Nick Salafsky. Work on this sub-initiative is almost complete.

3b. Updating Threat and Action Classifications &
Developing a Library of Archetypal Conservation Actions

This sub-initiative seeks to update the IUCN-CMP unified classifications of conservation actions and threats. In particular, it involves revisiting and likely adjusting and improving the action classification. It also involves developing more comprehensive third-level classifications for both threats and actions. Finally, it involves developing a library of archetypal results chains for all conservation actions. Coordinator: Caroline Stem.  Click here for current proposal.

3c.  Integrating Social Strategies and Human Welfare Targets into the CMP Open Standards

This sub-initiative seeks to provide resources to guide conservation professionals in integrating social strategies and human welfare needs into each step of the Open Standards for the Practice of Conservation. This initiative will directly link to a current project Tools of Engagement-A Toolkit for Engaging People in Conservation, which is funded by a grant from EPA and is a collaboration among various conservation organizations. Coordinators: Judy Braus & Judy Boshoven. Click here for current proposal.

3d. Extending the CMP Open Standards to Handle Spatial Data and Parent Progam-Child Project Relationships

This sub-initiative will help update the Open Standards for the Practice of Conservation to handle spatial data. For example, we will explore how to assign and roll-up viability status to different occurrences of a target on the landscape. It will also establish guidelines for relating elements of child projects (for example objectives) to parent programs. Coordinators: TBD.  Proposal is forthcoming.

3e. Developing IT Systems to Promote Cross-Project Information Sharing and Learning

This sub-initiative will develop common Information Technology (IT) systems that CMP organizations and other interested members of the conservation community can use to store and share information about their conservation projects. This work will both link existing IT systems, as well as provide systems for organizations that currently do not have their own. Coordinators: Nick Salafsky & Michael Parker. Click here for current proposal.

4. Results Based Management Case Studies

This initiative will develop a cross-organization peer-review process to generate compelling stories of results-based management delivering benefits to both nature and human well-being. Coordinators: Jensen Montambault & Dan Salzer. Click here for a 1-page summary of the initiative. Click here for the full description of the initiative.

Other Summit Initiatives Still Potentially Under Development:

Board Outreach – We propose to combine this initiative with 2a. Capacity Building for Senior Leaders.

Tigers – There is currently a lot of work going on across our organizations on Tigers; we need to figure out which part (if any of this) fits under the RBM CoP.