The Conservation Measures Partnership

Standards for Project Management

In order to achieve our goals, the conservation community must determine the extent to which our actions are working – and we must be able to diagnose why some succeed while others do not.

Our aim in developing the Open Standards for the Practice of Conservation was to bring together common concepts, approaches, and terminology in conservation project design, management, and monitoring in order to help practitioners improve the practice of conservation. In particular, these standards are meant to provide the steps and general guidance necessary for the successful implementation of conservation projects. The members of CMP hope that the development of these standards will lead to a clear roadmap that assists conservation colleagues in maximizing the effectiveness and efficiency of their projects for maximum conservation gain.

Be sure to check out Miradi – unique, user-friendly software CMP is developing to help implement these Open Standards.

Version 3.0 of the Open Standards (Released April 2013) is currently available in English (4.1 mb).

Version 2.0 of the Open Standards is available in the following languages:

We encourage feedback from anyone who puts these standards to the test – please e-mail us your comments at