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Rosetta Stone of Project Management Systems

For conservation practitioners to work together efficiently, they need to communicate effectively. Many conservation organizations have developed their own systems for planning, managing, and monitoring projects. In the process, they have also evolved their own language to describe these key concepts, making communication across institutions and disciplines a challenge, even though the concepts and processes may be similar.

The CMP Rosetta Stone presents side-by-side comparisons of project management systems used by the conservation organizations in the Conservation Measures Partnership. CMP members have used the Rosetta Stone to enable practitioners within our organizations to translate from one system to another. Understanding and speaking this common language has been an important first step to facilitate learning from one another.

Download Excel version of the Rosetta Stone

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Table 1 – Original Order Rosetta Stone: The Original Order Table presenting the project management systems used by various groups in their original order.

Table 2 – CMP Order Rosetta Stone: The CMP Order Table presenting the project management systems arranged so that equivalent terms are aligned on the Open Standards for the Practice of Conservation being developed by CMP.