To learn about or join one of CMP’s current initiatives, please contact the chairperson.


Classifications: Manages updates to the IUCN-CMP Standard Classifications. Chair: Matt Muir

CAML: Manages the Conservation Actions and Measures Library. Chair: Nick Salafsky

Charity Navigator: Engage with Charity Navigator to help them assess NGO impact. Chair: TBD

Human Wellbeing: Develops and updates protocols and examples for linking conservation and human wellbeing in OS framework. Chair: Caroline Stem

Miradi: Manages ongoing development, support, and marketing of Miradi Desktop Software. Chairs: Dan Salzer and Nick Salafsky

Open Standards Evaluation: Manages a formal external evaluation of the Open Standards movement. Chair: Elizabeth O’Neill

Open Standards Updates and Guidance: Develops and implements a system for soliciting and vetting guidance, tools, and examples of OS. Chairs: Amielle DeWan, Richard Margoluis, and CCNet Representatives

Outreach to Leadership: Develops and helps guide implementation of strategy to engage with senior leadership, funders, and board members to drive OS adoption. Chair: Jeff Hardesty

Spatial Open Standards: Develops protocols and examples for incorporating GIS into Open Standards work. Chair: Nick Salafsky

CMP 2014 Member’s Meeting: Organizes the CMP 2014 member’s meeting. Chair: Sheila O’Connor

CMP-CCNet Website: Develops, implements, and maintains new joint CMP-CCNet-Open Standards website. Chair: Caroline Stem

Previous Measures Summits: Brought together program managers and scientists from leading conservation organizations and environmental program directors and officers from major funding organizations to discuss a collective vision and approach to systematically measuring conservation performance.