The Conservation Measures Partnership

Conservation Audits

To complement the Open Standards and to assess the extent to which they—or compatible organization-specific standards—are being followed, CMP member organizations have developed the practice of conservation auditing (a review of the planning, execution/ implementation, and if applicable, the results of a conservation project or program) and have conducted nearly 40 such audits since 2003. To learn more about these audits, we surveyed more than 80 audits participants and conducted a thorough document review. Our report synthesizes the findings of the audits with regard to the state of conservation practice, as well as lessons learned regarding the process and costs and benefits of conservation auditing.

Audits allow CMP to identify priorities for improving conservation project design and adaptive management, strengthen the conservation audit process, and ultimately refine the Open Standards.

Read the Audit Report – Auditing the Conservation Process: Lessons Learned, 2003 – 2007 (1.10 mb)